Dr. Stephanie Thomas is an Naturopathic and Public Health practitioner with a deep love for people.
She is the founder and International Director of Zoe-Life, a group of health and wellness organisations that are passionate about bringing healing to children, youth and communities.

The Centre for Integrative Health is the UK health offering of Zoe-Life. Dr. Stephanie oversees a small health team, and together they aim to bring life and love to the various cities in the UK, bringing accessible and affordable healing tools for stress and trauma based illnesses and chronic conditions.

In addition to the Centre for Integrative Health, Zoe-Life also provides health services via a non-profit in Africa - that is radically changing the lives of children, youth and communities. (www.zoe-life.com)

Dr. Stephanie is honoured to support communities in the UK and to try in a small way to relieve the pressure on the NHS, whilst at the same time looking for opportunities to connect health and wellness innovations between the African continent and the UK.