With a sensible, integrated whole-person approach Let's start where you feel comfortable, and work gently to get to the root of it all


OLIGOSCAN ASSESSMENT It is often useful to know what's going on inside our cells. What is helping, and what is hurting. Our state of the art OligoScan technology assesses your Oxidative stress, intra-cellular toxicity and individual markers. 15 Vitamins, 15 Minerals and 15 Toxic Metals are assessed with instant results. Other assessments are integrated into each service - ensuring that we take your entire context into account as you begin your healing journey with us. We also offer selective assessments for complex issues such as EMF sensitivity and trauma based illnesses. IF we know what we are working with, we can be more precise and thoughtful about what we are doing.


Our approach is to get to the root of something, rather than just fix the symptoms. For this reason, we are selective about who we work with, as not everyone is ready to start at the start, and work through the layers of healing needed . Our protocols are varied but focus on teaching you natural and scientific methods of reducing stress and toxicity, strengthening vagal tone and the body's internal capacity to heal, and providing targeted nutritional and emotional support. Many of the tools you can choose to support your health can be grouped together as Bio-Energetic or Vibrational Medicine - our bodies respond so beautifully to vibration as we are all composed of vibrating molecules and minerals! We can target specific vibrations or we can teach the body to use vibration. So you will come across us using Minerals and Essences, Huso Sound Healing, Low Level Laser, TRE, Fascia release, Targeted Detox, Vibrational Essences, PEMF, RIFE and other fun stuff.


Once we have a good sense of the root cause of your discomfort, we will teach you about healing products and protocols that you can choose to support your healing. We can point you to a selected range of clean and tested natural products to enable your body to return to its original design. And you are free to also find your own natural supportive methods and nutrients - as you are the best one to decide what is good for your body! It is our deep desire that as part of this process you will be equipped to understand how your body works, and to be able to gain skills to do this healing work on your own with time. You are the guardian and expert of your own body, and you can be taught the tools to steward your health with excellence We offer our own in house products, but will also refer you to other places to purchase high quality supportive supplements and therapeutic resources.