coMra is a non-toxic, and non-invasive approach to treating chronic pain, stimulating cellular regeneration, and repairing damaged tissue.

  • Category: All therapies
  • Duration: 00:45 Hours




The comRa low level laser uses 4 types of radiant energy to stimulate healing in the body. 

These are

  • INFRARED LASER - to stimulate ATP synthesis
  • COLOUR -which stimulates neurochemical messaging and promotes cellular repair
  • MAGNETISIM - which influences energy and metabolism, and increases the penetration of the laser and colour frequencies
  • ULTRASOUND - which stimulates and accelerates the enzymatic activity

These 4 types of radiance operate at a very low level - so they stimulate the cells without any damage

coMra can be used safely with other types of therapies, and can be used safely on babies, pregnant women and the elderly

WHO SHOULD COME FOR A coMra treatment?

The engineers of coMra have designed very detailed User guides for practitioners that covers more than 200 condition to be treated with the coMra. 

We find it useful for injuries, aches and pains as well as for complex healing processes that we are trying to reverse, such as liver or heart diseases, hormonal issues or chronic illnesses such as Diabetes. 

We are also able to get Practitioner discounts on the hand held portable lasers for our clients.