There is a lot of information about Detox. Every health website I open has a method or tips for detox. The truth though, is that there is not a single way to detox. First, we have to know what is making us toxic - it could be chemicals, mold, metals, or even something like electronics or emotions. Once we know what the toxins are, then we need a specific plan to address these. Our detoxification protocols are designed specifically to address your unique context and healing journey. The protocol we develop for you will be based on an initial assessment and possibly an Oligoscan and other tests. IT will include a list of suggested supplements or supportive therapies that will assist you 1n your detox process

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  • Service Duration: 45 Minutes
  • Address: Chippenham, UK (Map)
  • Price:£85



We drink, eat, breath and consume tons of un-natural substances every year. And our bodies simply do not have the resource to get rid of it all safely. So much of the toxin gets stored - in our brains, in our fat cells, and in our organs and joints. 

This is one of the reasons that we get ill - our toxic load is just too much to bear. 

By systematically reducing our toxic load, we can gain mobility, lose our brain fog, and get rid of aches and pains that seem to plague us. 

Detox is both an art and a science - many people end up feeling worse after a detox as they do not understand the key principles that underpin a detox process in the body. 

Our consultation will help to to identify the key toxins in your body and environment, and then using targeted supplements and techniques, we can systematically start to reduce the toxic load, and replace the junk with life giving nutrients.