At the cellular level, our bodies work with electrical, magnetic and sound frequencies. Using well established technologies such as Rife, Scalar, Teraherz, PEMF or Sound, we can provide an intitial Bio-feeback scan followed by your choice of therapeutic frequencies to gently bring your body back into balance. Our current technologies include Rife Machine, Scalar waves, PEMF, Teraherz, Low -Level Laser, Bioresonance and Sound therapy. These are precisely chosen based on your symptoms and bio-resonance scan, to target specific pathogens, organs or disease states. Your body will only absorb the frequencies that it needs - making this a beautiful, non-toxic and drug free way to support your healing journey.

  • Category: All therapies
  • Service Duration: 30 Minutes
  • Price:£25 - £150



BIORESONANCE SCAN: Our state of the art Bio-resonance scan uses Voice analysis to map your human energetic frequency state, and will provide a comprehensive report on the areas in your body that require support and balancing. 

The RIFE BIOFEEDBACK technology similarly runs a very specific scan, and focusses more on pathogens within the body - such as viruses, mold, parasites. 

Both the Bio-resonance scan and RIFE machines are then able to  provide you with the precise frequencies that your body requires, either using the Scalar or Contact Rife Frequencies. 

This is excellent for Parasite or Viral issues, as well as supporting specific diagnosed conditions, and works well together for Parasite cleanses, chronic viral illnesses, cancer support and others. 

The OLYP90 (PEMF) and iTeraHertz technologies are extremely useful for long-term systemic conditions which require cellular deep cleansing, nerve regulation and healing, or for pain. These stimulate the lymphatic system to drain toxins, improve circulation and reduce adrenal stress responses that often drive inflammation

The Comra Low level laser is used for specific disease states - using sound, colour and laser to target specific nerves, meridians and accupressure points. We see great results for pain and neurological issues as well as skin isssues. 

Targetted sound frequencies are provided through our HUSO sound healing tech, and through our Infopathy therapeutic music programmes, which again use frequency to target specific cells and organs in the body in a very gentle yet powerful way.

To support you between your sessions with us, we recommend Bio-essences, Flower Essences or remote Frequency therapy, which enables you to continue to receive the healing signals from a distance. Almost like a Whatsapp or telephone call - we are able to programme the frequency to get to your body even at a distance