We all hear a lot about trauma and being in fight or flight mode. This manifests as anxiety, restelssness, triggering and all sorts of uncomfortable feelings. It is because we are overstressed and often our chemistry also becomes imbalances. Vagal Toning means that we want to strengthen the part of our body that brings us OUT of fight and fright - it helps us REST and DIGEST. We have several ways to help you strengthen your vagal tone so that your body can recover and be at rest.

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  • Duration: 00:45 Hours




There are many ways that we can strengthen Vagal tone. The Vagal nerve is responsible for our PARASYMATHETIC system - which helps us relax, digest our food, sleep well, and be creative thinkers. 

When our FIGHT AND FLIGHT system doesn't switch off, we become constantly wired, tired, aggressive and anxious, and we dont digest our food well, we dont sleep, and we can't think well. 

Our Vagal Toning consultations will assess your Heart Rate Variability - which isa measure of your Vagal tone. We will then select one or more methods to start to strengthen your vagal responses, to bring REST AND DIGEST back into your system

The tools we have to work with include Low Level Laser, Huso Sound Healing, PEFM Frequencies,  Vibrational Essences, TRE, Grounding and the Sensate technology.

We will also assess your diet and other toxins to make sure that there are not other factors that can be adjusted to support your Vagal tone and calm down your sympathetic system. 

Finally, we may look at any emotional issues that may be causing your system to be out of balance, and use some tools to help release these. 

All of these options will be led by you - you will always be in charge of choosing how best to strengthen your own system.