This is a cutting edge Browns Gas machine, proudly made in the UK. HydroVitality creates a mixture of oxygen and hydrogen gasses called oxyhydrogen. The product utilises a process called electrolysis by using electricity and a catalyst. The purpose behind the device is oxyhydrogen inhalation therapies and oxyhydrogen water to minimise the impact of chronic disease and to strengthen the immune system. Everyone can improve their quality of life by reducing the root causes of most diseases - inflammation and oxidative stress. There are currently over 1300 medical research publications demonstrating the therapeutic benefits in over 180 human disease models without side effects. Academics at the University of West of England have been analysing the therapeutic efficacy of this product since 2020, with the most recent publication demonstrating the anti-cancer properties of the therapy. What does it do? Is used for oxyhydrogen inhalation therapy and oxyhydrogen water to benefit the brain, heart, lungs, skeletal muscle, liver, pancreas, and spleen. The therapy can help improve athletic performance and the condition of the skin, whilst reducing the impact of anxiety, arthritis, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, chronic fatigue, Covid-19 and Chronic Covid, infertility, kidney disease, respiratory disease, and Neurological diseases