The P90 is different from a standard PEMF device, as it also includes Teraherz frequencies The P900- is cost-effective and portable - it can be easily used by the entire family, anywhere, whether at home or on the go. The P90’s design and functionality are grounded in the latest research, ensuring that it delivers optimal results. Recommended usage is 30 minutes a day or twice a day.

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The huge magnetosphere formed by the earth’s magnetic field on the surface of the earth forms a natural protective barrier against the invasion of the outside world. Only living in a normal geomagnetic field can guarantee the health and continuation of life. Therefore, like sunlight, air, water, and nutrition, geomagnetism is the fifth element for life to survive.


  • PEMF + THz
  • Activate – cells, energy
  • Promotes – microcirculation and metabolism
  • Dredges – meridians
  • Remove – cold & dampness, waste from the body
  • Burns – Fat and Sculpting
  • Relief – Inflammation, Pain, Fatigue
  • Allows the body to “cleanse” from the inside out.

Product Features

  • 1 MHz electromagnetic energy
  • Bio-imitation magnetic energy
  • Potent effect
  • Safe and secured